Why backyard gardening is important (7 Mind changing facts)

“Why backyard gardening is important?” simple question isn’t it. I mean who doesn’t know that big forests provide us with fresh air. But is that it? Is that reason convincing enough why we should plant them in our backyard? They take a good chunk of our precious time and care to grow so does backyard gardening worth it? These were some of the few questions I read on the internet the other day, and well after some research of my own, here are some important facts certified Google  and Wikipedia that prove the importance of backyard gardening and why you should start doing it right now.

Backyard gardening provides one with healthy and fresh vegetables so it will cut short one’s food cost. You can also cultivate some native fruit trees which will provide you organic and nutritious fruits without any extra cost. It improves your physical and mental health as it is a simple and effective form of cardio. The fragrance from different flowers has proven to elevate the mood and reduce anxiety and depression.

It also makes the air around you fresh and Pollution-free and reduces the temperature of your neighborhood. Gardening in general is a stress reliever and helps to relax your mind after a long and hard day. These are some of the enormous benefits that why you should indulge in backyard gardening.

Why backyard gardening is important

Backyard gardening and, gardening in general, is such a wonderful thing. Man is doing cultivation for thousands of years now. It provides us with food. Clean our environment for us. They also attract some pests and unwanted guests but there are many easy ways to tackle that problem. In the next few minutes, I will guide you through some of the details of the above-mentioned beneficial facts and I am certain it will convince you to start planting your backyard garden.

1. Provides pollution-free air

One of the biggest shortcomings of the modern world is to control air pollution. Auto-mobiles fuel combustion releases gases like methane, carbon dioxide, and many other harmful gases in our environment. When we inhale that toxic and stale air, those gases not only affect our lungs but our entire body especially our circulatory system. One simple and natural way to filter those gases and reduce their level in your surrounding is by planting more and more trees.

They absorb much of those harmful gases and in return release fresh oxygen which we require to breathe. A young tree absorbs 13 pounds of carbon dioxide per year for us; a reason important enough for you to start planting them in your backyard. May species of pine trees are proven to be one of the most effective and easy to plant backyard trees for reducing Co2levels and making your air cleaner and healthier.

2. A source of fresh fruits and vegetables

Why backyard gardening is importantCultivating some native fruit and vegetable provides you with fresh and pesticide-free foods. One should be well-aware of the fact that modern methods of cultivation are fulfilling our ever-increasing demand for food but at the cost of low nutritional value. Plus they are heavily laced with different fertilizers and pesticides which are very harmful to us especially for the health of children and the elderly. By growing some fresh vegetables and fruits in your backyard, you can avoid all those harmful chemicals. You will be sure that the food you are eating will not harm you and your family as they are grown by your own hands. It also increases their nutritional value and retains important vitamin to the fullest in them, depending upon your soil.

You should carefully choose which fruits and vegetables you cultivate in your backyard. They must be native to your environment. For starters, you can plant bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and root beets; they grow to their fullest in most of the environment. You can also grow some berries like raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries in your backyard. Apple and fig are good options for your lovely backyard but they require a little extra time and attention to grow.

3. Reduce anxiety and depression

Why backyard gardening is importantAs I have mentioned before that gardening reduces your tension the tension level building inside your body. It is scientifically proven that the sweet fragrance of some flowers can instantly elevate your mood and reduce the depression level. It tends to lower the stress hormones levels in your body and they can work wonders for your overall health. Imagine getting welcomed by sweet-smelling Honeysuckles after a long and hard day at the office; Yeah it will surely take that tension out and make your mood pleasant in no time.

Just make sure you are not allergic to any kind of flower or their smell, otherwise; lilies, roses, and lavenders are one of the few good options to start planting in your backyard.

4. Improves Physical and mental health

Why backyard gardening is importantGardening is an excellent low-intensity cardio that helps you stay fit both physically and mentally. Pulling out weeds, digging, raking, and watering your plants require consistent physical activity which is good for your children and elderly. That goes well with the saying “Green makes lean”.

Many experts also suggest 20 minutes of light cardio daily to stay fit. Gardening provides those 20 minutes of cardio and a clean and beautiful backyard as well. It also gives self-satisfaction and improves your mental health because a well-maintained backyard nurtured by your own hands is a great mental health booster.

5. Saves money on grocery

Let’s be honest guys; who do not want to save some extra cash? Home cultivation provides you with that benediction. By using some homegrown vegetables, you can save a lot of cash every month. You can grow different type natural herbs as well which cost a lot of money when you buy those from stores.

One fact that mostly left unnoticed by the people is that you can even sell different seeds to make money.  You can earn around $50 by selling a pack of organic and non-GMO pine seeds that people usually love to buy. Hence your backyard garden helps you not only to save money but to earn some extra dollars as well.

6. Make your backyard lively

Why backyard gardening is importantEveryone loves a backyard filled with beautiful birds. A well-planted backyard will serve the purpose of attracting different wild and beautiful birds. They are attracted to sweet scents of flowers and lush fruit trees. They make your backyard look very lively and dynamic. It will also encourage your children to go and play in the backyard which is necessary for their ideal growth.

The same flowers that attract beautiful birds also attract some nasty bugs and other pests. There are many effective and organic methods to get rid of those bugs. Despite of that nuisance, it still worth the have beautiful flowers and attractive birds in your backyard.

7. Reduce the temperature of your neighborhood

Vegetation helps to decrease the temperature in your surrounding and creates a pleasant environment. It is seen that areas cities near lush forest and greenery have relatively fewer extremes of temperature change and tends to remain cooler in summer.

 One of the biggest problems of modern society is Global warming which results in an overall temperature increment every year. Summers are getting more scorching due to global warming. One of the main culprits in this matter is CO2 produce by most of the modern industries and automobiles.

As mentioned earlier trees absorb a huge amount of CO2; thereby helping to slow down the process of global warming and helps to save your environment. They also promote cloud formation and cause rain. It may seem a pointless effort in the first place, but planting trees in your backyard has its long term benefits for your whole neighborhood.


I hope, I was able convince you why backyard gardening is important and the above-mentioned facts were good enough to drive you to start planting your backyard today.

Few other things that I didn’t mention were how it even helps you to socialize with your neighborhood. Gardeners with the same mindset tend to meet each other go out for a walk and start bonding very well. In fact, in countries like Switzerland they have a local community of gardeners in most of their cities. Last but not least, it helps the planet to rehabilitate and recover from the damage that we humans cause it every day.

Backyard plantation has many other benefits like involving your children who develop a sense of responsibilities and creativeness in them. So take out your shovels and start planting your backyard today and drive you and your family towards a better and healthy planet.

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