8 Backyard pool ideas on a budget

Backyard swimming pools are a great source of family entertainment. They can instantly turn your dull and boring backyard into an oasis. The first dive in a pool will take away all the worries and tension of a long office day. It feels as if you were in paradise.  You can spend your weekends with your loved ones simply by just sitting near the pool relaxing, and soaking the soothing summer light.

Indeed, most of us can not afford that luxury. The estimated cost of building and maintaining a swimming pool is $15000-$40000. That is why; most of us look for a cheap and affordable way to build a backyard pool.  In this article, I have brought you 8 unique and affordable backyard pool ideas on a budget that you can use to build beautiful swimming in your lawn.

There are many different ideas like using stock tanks or dumpsters to build a nice and affordable pool. If you are low on space, you can also try a pallet wood pool. The natural pool is a new and fast-growing pool idea that depends on the backyard landscape. And of course, there is always an option of a luxurious concrete pool if you can afford one. 

Before going into the details of the above-mentioned ideas, I want to shed some light on important facts that you must consider while building a pool.

4 Things to consider while building a backyard pool

 There are many important factors that can affect your choice. You should consider them before starting or else they can cause a problem later on.

1. Size and shape

It is very important to measure the size of your backyard and build the swimming pool accordingly. Make sure that your backyard still has some space to sit and enjoy the sun. Also, there are a lot of things that people love to do in their spare time in the backyard. You do not need to compromise those hobbies and build your swimming pool suitably around them.

The shape does not necessarily need to rectangular. It can be of any shape that is fitting to you according to the natural shape of your backyard.

2. Landscape

It is difficult to build a swimming pool in a sloppy backyard.  It will increase the cost because first, you have to level your yard. If you want to construct a natural or concrete pool than condition like high water table, salty or rocky ground also creates unnecessary hurdles. The location of your house can also affect your choice. Just make sure to pay heed to those tiny details.

3. Placement in the backyard

I know it sounds a little bit confusing, but hear me out. It is very important to choose a proper location and build your swimming pool according to it. You must have a view of the pool from the inside of your house. It is very important if you have children. You ought to have some free space around the pool so that can people enter and exit comfortably.

If you live in a windy area, you should build the pool in such a location where maximum sun exposure is available. It will keep the water warm. Make sure that there are no tall trees exactly above your pool. Because they will block the sunlight and their leaves will fall straight into your pool, making it look filthy. Poolside relaxing and entertainment are also a must. You should make a separate space for an umbrella, kid’s toys, and pool cleaners.

4. Budget

Well I wanted to save the most important factor for the last and that is your budget. It is very important when you are building a DIY concrete pool. The expense should not exceed your limits. You can save a lot of money if you build it yourself. We will talk about it in greater detail in the next section.

These were some of the important things to consider while building a backyard pool. Depth is also an important factor that requires a detailed article. Now we will go for the ideas.

8 Backyard pool ideas on a budget

1. Stock tank pools

Stock tanks pools are very pocket-friendly. They are big enough to accommodate the whole family. They are very desirable for those people that are low in space and want a portable pool for the summers. Your kids can enjoy and splash all day long in those pools. 

 There are a few problems with the stock tanks. One is that they are not deep enough for swimming for adults. As they are made of metal so they can undergo rusting. Overall if you are looking for a cheap and portable pool than this is the right idea for you.

2. Building a Natural poolBackyard pool ideas on a budget

If you are an eco-friendly person and want a pool that is close to nature and free of harsh chemicals, then the natural pool is the ideal choice for you. These pools require a large space like the concrete pools but use gravel stones and clay instead of concrete. Different aquatic plants are used for filtration of water instead of Chlorine.  You can easily build a natural pool in your backyard. (image source)

3. Container pools

Container pool is one of the coolest and easiest DIY backyard pools. It is not very difficult to get your hands on one of those containers.  You can paint it in a cool and funky way or any other way you desire. They are deep enough for you to take a good dive and swim freely.

As they are made up of metal so you can face the same rust problem as the stock tank pools. but that rust can be fixed and painted. It is also a multipurpose container. You can use it for storage and many other tasks as well when you are not swimming.

4. Swimming pool made of straw and plasticBackyard pool ideas on a budget

This is the coolest idea that I came across the internet. Some Irish people made a pool by using good plastic packed with hay and straw and tight it up around water cans with strong ropes and here you go. You have a wonderful DIY straw swimming pool ready for yourself. You can dismantle it whenever you want.  You can CLICK HERE to see the details and how to build it.(Image source)

5. Wooden Pallet pool Backyard pool ideas on a budget

Create a DIY pallet pool for yourself. It is very trendy these days. You can also build a beautiful deck using those pallets where you can sit and enjoy those long summer afternoons. Make sure to coat a plastic layer inside the pool after building it. It will increase the overall strength and prevent any leakage. You can check full detail on how to build a pool using wooden pallets.

Make sure to buy heat-treated pallets instead of chemically treated pallets. It has an HP mark on it. If you want to buy those pallets, you can CLICK HERE to check pallet price on AMAZON.

 Backyard pool ideas on a budget6. In-ground pool:

The in-ground pool looks very attractive and can cover your bumpy or uneven yard by digging and placing an in-ground pool. You can also use the above ground pools and make them in-ground. You can also use stock tanks and make in-ground pools out of them which make it more attractive and they also fit well with the overall backyard. You can check second-hand pools on Craiglist which sell them at a cheap price.

7. Dumpster pools

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘dumpster’? Most of you will say staunch or waste or many other bad words. What if you can convert it into a backyard pool? Yes, you heard me right a backyard pool. After cleaning and treating it with certain chemicals you can use it as a swimming pool. Don’t get confused, I have found a GREAT SITE that can help you to make this idea in reality.

8. Concrete pools Backyard pool ideas on a budget

Here comes the most lavish and most desirable backyard pool. if one has space and budget than he should go for this option.  After doing some research, I have found out that it cost at least $10,000 to install a pool using companies and stuff. But if you do it yourself, you can decrease the cost to more than half. Imagine what things you can do for all those money you save.

As I mentioned before that you should make your budget as your priority. Try to fix a budget and work around it. You and your family can work together toward building a pool. I’ll leave a VIDEO LINK for you so that you can build and enjoy that luxury in your own backyard.


I hope I was able to help you regarding backyard pool ideas on a budget. The 4 factors that I have mentioned before are very important and you must consider them before start building your pool.

If you are low on budget but have a wide backyard than the natural pool and container pool are the 2 best options for you to consider from. There are many other ideas that you can adopt to make your backyard more fun and attractive. So what are you waiting for? Plan, construct, and enjoy this summer season with your loved ones alongside a swimming pool in your own backyard.

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