How To Get Rid of Flies In The Backyard (4 Effective methods)

A clean and well-maintained backyard is a benchmark of a luxurious house. It reflects the nature of the house owner and his interest in the fine details. Maintain your backyard requires proper trimming and timely mowing of your lawn so that it stays lush green and beautiful. It is time-consuming but it pays you back in the form of a healthy and pollution-free neighborhood. A clean backyard has many other health benefits but if it’s left unclean and shabby, it proves disastrous for your health.

An untidy and foul-smelling backyard is an eyesore and a big health hazard. It attracts many different varieties of insects that are difficult to deal with. One insect worth-mentioning is common fly that is attracted to trash and left-over food. In this article, I will answer a frequently searched question about how to get rid of flies in the backyard. But first, we need to understand some important facts about these bugs.

There are many species of flies that can be seen in your backyard like fruit flies, house flies, and giant flies. Most of the types carry bacteria and germs that can cause deadly diseases. Unfortunately those nasty bugs are very difficult to get rid of. People usually spent a lot of time and money for that purpose and still do not get the results they desire.

Why flies are attracted towards your backyard?

Why flies are attractive towards my backyardBefore getting to the solution part, we first need to identify the reasons why flies are attracted towards your backyard in the first place. As I mentioned earlier a backyard full of trash attracts those fly the most.

House flies love moisture and they lay eggs in decomposing food items. They are especially attracted to the smell of old meat and vegetables in your garbage. If you left any spilled sweet syrup or sugar-containing liquids, fruit flies surround it and start laying eggs within hours. Pet waste is usually left un-touch for days and becomes the star-attraction of giant green flies in your backyard. If there is a decaying body of any dead animal or a bird, flies lay their eggs in them and maggots just start feeding on them in hours.

So the first step to getting rid of those dirty flies is making your backyard clean and free of the trash.

Diseases spread by house flies:

They may seem small and harmless but they are the causative agent of some dreadful diseases. A study indicates that at least 65 diseases are associated with common house flies.  They carry a lot of bacteria and other microorganisms. Most of them spread when flies come In contact with fresh food and water. They can spread diseases like typhoid and cholera which both are related to bowels and require immediate medical treatment. They are also proven to be a causative agent of tuberculosis in elderly people. If they come in contact with your eyes, they can cause an inflammatory reaction called conjunctivitis in which you can have red eyes, headache, and episodes of fever.

If you are currently facing the problem of house flies then be sure to store your food properly. Cover your drinking water as they need water to lay eggs and begin their life cycle. Make sure you discard all contaminated food or else be prepared to pay a visit to the hospital.

 How to get rid of flies in the backyard:

After a little information about their attraction towards your backyard and the dangerous diseases they spread, it’s time to move towards a cure. There are many solid and scientifically proven methods to get rid of them for good.

The first and most important step is cleaning your backyard is getting rid of all the garbage and decaying food items. After that, use mechanical trapping with flypapers and ultraviolet traps. They prove very effective. Different chemicals can also be used as those flies are distracted by aerosol spray and camphor smoke. They are attracted to sugar-water so placing a sugar-water trap far from your lawn will distract those insects away. Other methods like using a fan, water-filled plastic bags, and using a sugar wine trap are also proved to be very effective.

Now I will explain the above-mentioned methods one by one to guide you about how to get rid of those nasty flies.

1. Make your backyard clean and tidy

This is very important guys. You need to identify which items are attracting flies towards your backyard and remove them immediately. Cleaning your backyard solves the problem permanently.  As mentioned before, flies are attracted to sweet, moist, and rotting objects the most. The smell of decaying animals and stale meat and vegetables attracts flies the most, so make sure to remove them.

Most people left their trash in the backyard for too long. Rotting vegetables and left-over sandwiches are infested by flies and they start laying eggs in them. And it takes a very short time for maggots to appear from those eggs and starting a dangerous cycle. It becomes very difficult to get rid of them after that stage. So clean your backyard and don’t leave any trash in there for too long.

2. Physical methods

How to get rid of flies in the backyardThey prove very effective when the flies are lesser in number and are centered on one specific location.  Two of the most reliable tools for this purpose are ‘Flypaper’ and ‘UV light fly zapper’.

  • Flypapers are both low-price and efficient for this purpose. They are easily available in every market. They are impregnated with insecticide resin. You can place them near the source or inside garbage tin. The flies are trapped and then killed by the chemical-laced flypaper. Then you just need to dispose of the flypaper and problem solved.
  • UV light fly zapper is also an excellent method. The flies are attracted to the light and are killed by it at the same time. You should place it a little far from the house because you don’t want to lure the flies inside the house.  It is a non-expensive device and makes the job very easy.

They are not very effective for the larval forms. You can also, rely on chemicals methods for the same purpose.

3. Chemical methods

How to get rid of flies in the backyardThey are preferable when you are dealing with a large number of flies who are scattered all around your backyard. There are different insecticides available that provide the desired result and are not harmful to your health. One worth-mentioning insecticide is pyrethrin. It provides immediate results ad can also be used inside your house. One small problem is that it does not provide a long-lasting effect. You have to remove the source that attracts the flies as well.

How to get rid of flies in the backyardCamphor is another natural fragrant. Flies are distracted and blown away by camphor smoke. You just need to light pieces of camphor and spread those pieces all across your backyard. They are also helpful to break the cycle of flies. Hence, it provides a nearly permanent solution to your problems.

One problem with chemical methods is that flies become resistant to the chemicals. So I recommend you to use them as a last-ditch effort when other methods are not proving fruitful.

4. Homemade fly traps

They are very effective for different types of flies but especially for fruit flies. As we know that flies are attracted to sweet syrups, different home-made syrups can be applied far away from your backyard. Flies are attracted to that specific place and your backyard gets free of those nasty bugs.

  • One of the natural traps is a wine/vinegar trap. Pour some of the wine or vinegar in a jar. Cover its opening with plastic wrap and punch holes through the plastic. The flies will be attracted to sweet-smelling wine and will be trapped inside. They will crawl upward but will be unable to get out.
  • If you are uncomfortable to use alcohol then simple sugar-water will also do the trick. Adding some honey attracts more flies and traps them more strongly.
  • How to get rid of flies in the backyardUsing a mixture of milk, sugar, and pepper proves to be most effective. It is being used from ancient times. Fruit flies are readily attracted to the milk. They quickly suffocate and drown.

All these methods are very effective and their cost is practically 1 or 2 dollars. Just place these traps away from so they don’t attract flies inside the house.


How to get rid of flies in the backyardFlies are annoying and difficult to control. But after reading the above-mentioned methods, I’m sure you will get those bugs out of your lawn in no time. Here again I want to mention that the most important thing to get rid of them is to clean your backyard guys. They love to thrive in damp and dirty places and feed on decomposing stuff. Make sure you locate what is attracting the flies and then remove it immediately. It will break their cycle and then you can kill the rest of them by physical or chemical method. Homemade methods are also useful as they are easy-to-make and very efficient.

All these methods are testified by Google and they will definitely help you get rid of those bugs. I hope I was able to answer all of your queries regarding how to get rid of flies in the backyard.

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