How To Make Your Backyard Look Nice (16 brilliant ideas)

A modern and beautiful house is what everyone desires and one thing that enhances its beauty, even more, is a well-maintained backyard. A modern and proportionate backyard is a part and parcel of every house whether luxurious or impoverished. In fact, it is said that you can tell about a man and the nature of his house just by having a glimpse at his backyard.

How to make your backyard look nice A well-managed backyard provides you with the extra space that you desire for either taking long sun-baths with your better half on a fine sunny day or enjoying a bar-be-que gathering with your close friends on weekends. While it does not seem important, there is no room for error when it comes to designing your private space. Surfing through the internet the other day, I stumble across an important question about how you can make your backyard look nice. In this article, I will guide you in detail about how to make your backyard look nice

First you need to make a proper plan. After that, a few simple and non-expensive things like mowing your lawn, adding a tree bench, planting native ornamental plants, setting up a trellis, and creating a stone path can make your backyard look much more beautiful and appealing to the eyes. And if you are good on the budget side and have a backyard spacious enough, then adding a pool and building a patio with the above-mentioned benedictions will transform it into a true oasis.

How to make your backyard look nice (according to your budget)

After going through a list of great but cheap backyard landscaping ideas that you can use to enhance the beauty of your backyard, It’s time we should dive into the details. These details will help you select items for your backyard according to your budget. 

1. Designing a solid plan

Before you start doing any of the above-mentioned stuff, you need to come up with a solid plan. You have to consider your budget, your backyard area and things that you consider more important than others. IT is important to revamp your backyard but not at the cost of an empty stomach. Even if you need to hire a professional for that, Do it as he\she will help you decide from a wide variety of options and will help you to come with a solid design for your precious backyard.

 2. Planting ornamental flowers

How to make your backyard look nice After making a solid plan, you should immediately consider planting some native and easy-to-grow ornamental flowers in your barren lawn. Everyone loves to see some greenery around and smell some light and fresh fragrance as they walk in and out of their house.

 You can consider plants like daffodils as they look beautiful in summer and are pest-resistant. Lenten rose is also a good option as their bloom lasts long and they give your backyard a lush bright-purple look. 

If your into fragrance and want your backyard to smell nice than consider honeysuckle and star jasmine. As soon as you smell them, they will surely relieve the tensions of that long and hard office day and will elevate your mood in no time.

3. Creating a stone path

How to make your backyard look nice  Imagine walking your way back to your home on a busy day and then passing through long grass and dirt; it will surely make you feel even more tired and burdensome. What you need here is a small pathway of comfortable walking stones.  A stone path is a simple and elegant addition to your backyard. You can build it by cutting simple rocks and it may sound simple but proves very fruitful.

  • Limestone is considered the best for building the stone path as it can be cut easily in any shape and provide durability.  
  • Mulch and gravel, which is non-expensive and provide a good result, is another good option.

4. Growing fresh fruits and vegetables

How to make your backyard look nice It is a good and healthy addition to your backyard. You can grow it in a vertical direction along one corner. It will provide you with some fresh fruits and veggies and will make your backyard productive.

For starters, you can grow bell peppers, carrot, cucumber, garlic and tomatoes. You can also grow some berries like strawberry, blueberry, raspberry but they require a little more care and attention. If you are into gardening then this edition will relax your mind and will ornament your backyard at the same time.

5. Setting up a trellis

How to make your backyard look nice Trellis is an open lattice-like structure build to support and display different shrubs and climbing plants. They are easy to build but look eye appealing and beautiful. You can build a trellis with bamboos and metal in your own backyard with your own hands.

You can use different vines like grapevine, ivy and nasturtium jewels to decorate your trellis that will beautify your backyard. You can set up one or two trellises in your backyard according to the space.

6. Mowing your backyard regularly

It is a simple thing yet it is still neglected by masses the most. Remember this, it doesn’t matter how much money you put in your backyard; if f it is not trimmed well, it will not look good.

It may seem overwhelming when you have a busy schedule so I recommend targeting a small area at a time.  Removing those shrubs and taking out those extra leaves can make your lawn fresh and clean.

7. Adding Lights

How to make your backyard look nice It is one of the most basic and crucial item to add in your backyard. You can light up your whole backyard if you have gatherings at your place quite often or you can just light a small cozy patch for yourself when you sit and relax in solitude. I recommend LED lighting for your whole backyard in patches so you can light them up according to your mood and occasion.

A very important tip is that you should pay special attention to the colors or else it may look that you are having a Christmas party in your backyard. I recommend white, red and blue as those are gentle and everyone’s favorite.

8. Constructing a tree bench

How to make your backyard look nice It is a small and economical edition for your backyard.  Whether big or small, luxurious or not, everyone wants to sit and relax in their backyard with their families and if you want something low-budget for that, there can’t be anything better than a bench around a shady tree in my opinion.

You can buy them online. They are non-expensive but it’s better to build one yourself in your house around a shady tree.

9. Adding a birdbath

How to make your backyard look nice Birdbaths are small water-filled basin or a small puddle for birds. It can attract all different kinds of beautiful birds, especially in hot summer days that give your lawn a natural touch. It is a cheap and very beneficial investment for your lawn. It will surely help your backyard nurture and will make it look lively and exotic.

A small problem is that they may attract mosquitoes in the spring and rainy season. For that reason, I recommend to keep changing its water on a daily basis and cover it up when it’s not in use. That way, it will attract the widest varieties of birds while preventing those ghastly mosquitoes to reproduce.

10. Using old tires as planters

How to make your backyard look nice Getting rid of your old tires is a hectic job. I mean most of the time you do not know what to do with them. You can’t burn them. They don’t resale and they seem pretty useless. There is a way how they can be recycled into something that looks astonishingly beautiful in your backyard with spending practically zero cash.

They can be used as planters. They are durable at least for good periods but not for very long periods. They take less space. You can place them anywhere in your greenery; they will just fit great and will increase the beauty of its surrounding. You can plant beautiful small shrubs and vegetables like cucumber in those tires.

11. Installing a movie spot

How to make your backyard look nice Everyone loves to enjoy a good movie on weekends with their loved ones. With the help of a good projector, you can have that divine cinematic experience right in your backyard. An outdoor movie spot is a bit expensive but a great investment for your backyard. It is also great for your children and it will provide you that family movie time at your home right in your beautiful backyard.

12. Trampolines

Trampolines are a great addition to your lavish backyard. It provides both entertainment and exercise at the same time. Your children and their friends will love it. Teenagers can also use it to build some good calf muscles. They come in all shapes and sizes to choose from.  You can choose the best trampoline according to your backyard space, kid’s height, and your budget. CLICK HERE to check more about backyard trampolines.

13. Establishing a backyard campsite

How to make your backyard look nice It is a wonderful edition for your little ones. It is a simple way to enjoy camping without much hassle.  Backyard camping on a starry night is a great experience for people of every age. Your children would love to invite your friends for a night stay and you will not have to for their accommodation. They can all enjoy camping, read books, play games and in your watchful eyes in your protected backyard.

 As it is considered illegal in most of the areas of the USA, so I recommend to check whether you government allows it in your area or not.

14. Building a patio

How to make your backyard look nice A patio is a multipurpose outdoor sitting space built directly or slightly away from the house. It is always built with a hard material like concrete pavers or natural stones and it contains a railing. You can use it as a fire put in winters or you can put your oven and grill here for some nice pizzas and bar-be-que. Last but not least you can use it to just sit and relax the nature and your beautiful backyard.

Peoples usually spend an average of $2000-$5000. It can up to $10,000 according to your design and material you choose. You would love to buy some furniture that matches your patio and will glorify it even more. You can even build a pit fire for chilly nights where you and your friends would love to spend some good time.   If you have the money, then I surely recommend you building one as it will provide that ideal outdoor setting to relax and enjoy your evenings.

15. Investing in a fountain

How to make your backyard look nice It is an expensive investment but it worth every penny. It will make your backyard unique and stand tall in your neighborhood. You can build it near your patio because those two complement each other very well. It could be a small home-made fountain or that big piece of beauties that we often see in public parks. How your fountain will look that depends upon your budget.

A fountain will instantly transform your normal looking backyard into an oasis. It will also attract some wild varieties of birds that will make your backyard more lively and exuberant. You can have some fishes in your fountain, if you like it, as well.

It almost costs around $6000 to $8000 with installation charges to see that beauty completing your backyard. Again, if you have a backyard big enough and you can afford one, I strongly recommend installing a fountain.

16. Building an in-ground swimming pool

How to make your backyard look nice It is the single most luxurious investment that will turn your old-looking backyard into a paradise. People of all ages love to enjoy swimming in pools. Whether it’s a scorching summer day, or a burning day at the office, just one swim in that pool will take all of that heat and tension away in no time. A swimming at your disposal will provide you great moments with your partner. You two can just relax and have a lovely time. It will also be the star attraction for your kids’ friend.

Building a pool requires good space and a lot of money. It usually costs around $28000 to $50000 an average to construct a pool in your backyard. The maintenance cost per annum for maintenance and small fixes are around $4000 to $8000. Costs may vary depending upon the material used for construction. Despite the expenses, it’s the ultimate glory for your beautiful and spacious backyard.

17. Using stock tank as pool

 For people who don’t have the budget or space for the above-mentioned luxury, stock tank pools provide a good alternative. Stock tanks Extra-large sizes metal buckets normally use in farms to provide drinking water to all different sorts of cattle and other animals. Stock tanks capacity varies from 1000 liters to 5500 liters.

They are usually 2 to 3 feet deep. There are fewer maintenance issues as compared to the larger in-ground pools. You can easily cover them up with mosquito nets when not in use. They are a good installation for you and your children in a much affordable price.


So to conclude the above-mentioned stuff I would say that maintaining a high-profile backyard just requires a little planning and care. Trim that grass regularly. Always purchase stuff according to your budget, requirement and taste. Go for the home-built stuff rather than buying everything from the store. Do plant some flowers and fruits, as they will engage you in your backyard in a healthy way. Watch movies on weekends or just sit and relax in your patio with your loved ones on those romantic evenings.

Don’t overcrowd it with unnecessary stuff or people. Just remember it’s your private place and the first and foremost thing that should come of it, is your satisfaction and comfort.

All the above-mentioned facts are observed and researched by yours truly from Google, Wikipedia and YouTube. I hope these will prove beneficial for you. And now; you know in detail about how to make your backyard look nice.

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