24 Kid-friendly backyard ideas(on a budget)

Outside activates are an essential part of childhood development. Playing tag, building a mud fort, and racing with car toys develop a sense of responsibility as well as cooperation. It helps them to build strong muscles, healthy bone, and a sound mind. Unfortunately after advancement in science and technology, kids these days are not interested in backyard activities. They will play racing games on their laptop or other smart devices, but not in their backyard on a miniature car racing track.

According to research conducted in the US, there is a considerable decrement in the outdoor activity time between a single generation. The study claims television and social media to be the primary suspects and also concerns about their safety. Kids are our most prized possessions. They are as necessary to us as the letter ‘L’ while writing LIFE. So it is very important for their healthy development that they should indulge in healthy outdoor activities to reduce their screen time.

Today I have come up with some awesome and kid-friendly backyard ideas(on a budget). They gonna encourage your children to leave their mobile phones and tablets behind, and enjoy some beneficial outdoor activities in their backyard.

Adding a sandbox, climbing tires, setting up water tables, backyard camping, building a car race track for boys, and setting kitty parties are all very simple and unique ideas for making your kids love your backyard. You can also build a treehouse or an outdoor lounge. Those will make your love their backyard and it will convince them to stay there a little longer than usual.

I have plenty of ideas to discuss with you. But before that, let me give you a quick review of why it is necessary to create a separate backyard for your little ones.

Why separate backyard space should be provided for kids

The body of a child is quite different from an adult both in structure and function. Their muscles are still in a growing phase, bones are weaker and the brain is not very well-adapted for quickly responding to the surrounding. Any injury that does not even scratch an adult; it may lead to grievous consequences if ever happened to a child. A quite common and worth-mentioning injury is head Injury which may lead to permanent brain damage in children under the age of 5.

There are many things in the backyard that can cause a potential injury to your children. For example, the ash from the last night bar-be-que party or the small and glittery decoration pieces in one of your open patios. Imagine if they ever swallow one of these. I can go on and on with these kinds of examples. So any smart person with a wide backyard would like to install a couple of things specific for those 3 or 4 years, old kids. So that you can enjoy a comfortable summer night with your loved ones, with a care-free mind.

24 Kid-friendly backyard ideas(on a budget)

After going through a small briefing, It’s time for the big reveal (imagine drum rolls in the back of your head), the ideas you are looking to make your backyard kid-friendly on a budget.

Kid-friendly backyard ideas1. Adding a sandbox

Sandbox is a part and parcel of every kid’s backyard. It promotes healthy brain development. Digging and filling the holes aids in the development of proper motor functioning, and hand-to-eye coordination. You can use any old closet as a sandbox or you can also build a DIY sandbox from scratch.

Children older than 1 year can safely spend their whole day playing in a sandbox. You can also fill them with toys to double their fun. It will prove a great addition to your kid-friendly backyard. Sometimes, it is difficult to maintain tidiness around a sandbox as the sand just spread everywhere. But after seeing a beautiful smile on your child’s face, all of that trouble will feel worthy to you.

2. Climbing tires

Climbing tires is a great DIY idea that is both low-in-cost and very kid-friendly. Colorful tires attract small age kids. Your children will grasp them and try to pull themselves towards the tire. In this way, it helps your children in standing and walking. You can buy used tires from your local tires shop or you can also check Craiglist for free or used tires in your area.

Kid-friendly backyard ideas(on a budget)3. Building a treehouse with easy climbing stairs

Treehouse is a great addition to your backyard if you have enough space and a big tree. It is a private space that kids cherish a lot. They love to bring their friends and start a watch party. They play all sorts of other games as well. They learn to stay close to nature in their backyard. You can also make many memorable moments with them right in that treehouse.

You can easily build a DIY treehouse.  You should also involve your children while building the treehouse. It will grow its importance in their heart and the children will also you in the maintenance.

4. Water tables

Water table is a great addition to your backyard. It not only helps your children to adapt to water but also helps in standing up properly by providing an incline play surface. It also helps children in developing fine motor skills due to activities like poring, squinting, and squeezing. You can easily build it with PVC pipes. But I recommend you to buy it on Amazon. It is pocket-friendly but very proves very entertaining.

5. Use Outdoor kitchen set

Do your children often insist to help you in the kitchen? If yes, then it is the perfect solution to your problem. Help them in making the perfect mud stew while enjoying the relaxing summers.  You can use the gardening pots and old kitchen utensils like pan (after making an excuse for the new ones). It will boost their imagination a lot. Your children will also explore their backyard and non-household items, which will be very helpful to indulge them in other activities as well.

6. Backyard camping

It is perfect for your children and their friends. They can enjoy their weekends by counting stars all night or telling horror stories. You will also be tension free regarding their safety. You can also keep a check on their activities. CLICK HERE to check its price on Amazon.

It is a very popular recreational activity among kids. It also helps them to develop different skills like leadership, problem-solving and creative thinking. You can also join them in this activity as it will help to strengthen your bond with your children.

Kid-friendly backyard ideas(on a budget)7. Chalk wall

Chalkboard is a very interesting way to engage kids. Every kid loves to see a personalized message written for them.  They can also use chalkboard themselves. With a few chalk paints and a suitable board, they can write their favorite poems, practice ABC, write messages on the board, or play different games with their friends. It can improve their writing skills and hand-to-eye coordination.

They can also learn to draw by using chalks of different colors. It will help to grow their imagination and mental capabilities. Just paint a piece of wood and place it in an open area in your backyard along with a bucket of chalks and you are good to go.

8. Climbing wall

If you and your children love sports and are up for some challenges then it is just the right product for you. Climbing walls make your dull backyard a scene of extreme sport with an awesome obstacle set.  You can order a size that is fitting for both of you guys.

It gets dangerous sometimes and results in injuries due to falling from heights. Make sure your child is wearing all the types of safety equipment before taking a climb. You can race your child to the top but just be a little easy on him and let him win. CLICK HERE to check its price on Amazon.

9. Kitty party set for girls

Every girl loves fancy kitty parties whether she is a child or an adult. Adding a small table and some chairs in your backyard will be perfect for your baby girl. Girls love to play with their toys while making a great snack for them. She can also invite her friends as guests and they can enjoy a good tea time while staying close to nature. You can also join them in your free time. Bringing things like lunch dinner and dessert to the outdoor can light a fire of joy into your daily routine.

10. Racing track for a toy car race

This is one of my personal favorites. Being a boy I know how much we love these car toys. This is a perfect idea if you have a male child. It is easy-to-build but trusts me your children will love it the most. You can use any material to built a simple race track like concrete blocks or any other channeling. Just paint them and place them in your backyard. You can create different paths and hurdles to double the fun.

You must also join your child. Just place two or three cars side by side and get ready to race.

Backyard race track11. Place a colored Hopscotch mat

It is one of those games that almost all of us have love and played in our childhood. What if we could make it more interesting for our kids? The answer is very simple. Hopscotch can be made more exciting and fun by using colorful tiles. Your children can help you in picking different colors for concrete pavers and then placing them correctly.

It is a very unique kid-friendly backyard idea that helps children in learning numbers and enjoying a healthy physical activity at the same time. It also serves its purpose as decorative stones when your kids grow old.

12. Use fallen trees stomp for jumpingkid-friendly backyard ideas

Ever wonder what to do with the stomps of the fallen tree? Well, you can create a kid-friendly and full of energy jumping game. It is a simple idea that costs practically no money at all. Just cut the tree stumps in the same (or different) height and let the kids have fun. You can also paint them in different colors to make them more attractive Don’t worry if you don’t have tree stumps. I find a very cool fact that you can even buy those stomps on AMAZON. So just buy them and enjoy them. (image source)

13. Small kiddie pool

It is the best outdoor activity to take out the summer heat. Children love to jump and splash all over the place. Kiddie pool comes in all shapes and sizes. You can check them out HERE. Your children can play all day long while you can do your house chores tension-free. You can also join them for a good family experience.

14. Build a DIY multipurpose sitting lounge

Well I will not speak much on this as the picture speaks for itself very well. Sometimes, It is best to just utilize what you already have in a new and creative way. You can use very well use your kiddy pool for this purpose. Placing 1 or 2 pillows also make it more comfy and colorful.

15. Colorful Tire swingskid-friendly backyard ideas

It is one of the best DIY backyard ideas and all children love those tire swings. You can ask your children and paint the character they love the most. You can paint characters like a ladybug or any of the aliens from BEN 10. Your kids would just love it.

Some safety hazards could arise due to tire swings as they can break down and children can get seriously hurt. Make sure to set them up properly and tie them with a strong branch.

16. Placing a massive water pillow in summers

The best way for your child to beat the summer heat is water pillows. It is a bit costly and difficult to handle but it worth every penny. Sometimes children get bored with kiddy pool s and sprinklers. They want something new and exciting and the solution is a water pillow. Your children will enjoy it to the core and it will one of the best addition to your kid’s backyard

17. Make a race track

Children love to race and pay tags. You can make it interesting by making a proper track with added obstacles. Your kids can make their race track with their imagination. Using the natural landscape of the backyard, they can create many interesting things like tall bridges and steeper tracks. They can wildly run and race freely without any danger in front of your cautious eyes.

Kid-friendly backyard ideas(on a budget)18. Place a trampoline

Backyard trampolines are a great addition to your backyard. But they can only be used by children above 6 years of age. They provide a means of entertainment and also healthy physical activity at the same time. Jumping and playing on a trampoline helps in normal growth and developing strong muscles. It is a costly investment but a very beneficial one. You can choose a suitable trampoline according to your child’s age and height, from a wide variety of products. You can also join them to double the fun.

If you are concern regarding safety and budget then don’t worry. You can CLICK HERE to read a thorough article on trampolines.

19. Making a DIY ring toss game

Games with easy rules are very attractive to children. You can make a colorful DIY ring toss game very easily at home. They are portable so you can easily carry them at any place like a picnic and family gatherings. Your children would love to join in and score some points against you.

20. Soccer or basketball nets for Children

Not a the single kid-friendly backyard is complete without a soccer net.  Almost every child love to play soccer and when it is available right in his backyard, it is like the cherry on top. You can also add a basketball net if you want. That way, you can enjoy both sports in the vicinity of your backyard.

21. Rainbow tires sea saw

Don’t know what to do with those old tires? Just paint them, attach a piece of wood and some handles and you have made yourself a DIY tire sea-saw. It is a great way to reuse those tires in creating some recreational and fun for your children. As I mentioned before, tires can also be used for making swings as well.

Adding those two to your backyard and you have created a small playground for your kids. That will make them stay in your backyard for a little longer than usual.

22. Cardboard cars

This is a very brilliant idea I found out on the internet. You can make cardboard cars and seats for your children. They like to sit in and race with their friends. This idea attracts both girls and boys equally. You can check out a VIDEO HERE on how to make a cardboard car at home. You can also make a course for them to race. It will make it even more interesting and fun.

23. Picnic table with umbrella

This idea will increase your family time together. Kids love to do new and extraordinary stuff. What if you could do add that element to food? Sitting outside with you on a nice picnic table will make your food taste even better. The children will also eat the food to their fullest.

A small umbrella above the head can cover that extra sunshine irritating your eyes. You can enjoy your Sundays with your whole family. Just imagine sitting comfortably on a nice and decorated picnic table and enjoying your meal.

24. Backyard Oasis:

It is a perfect and beautiful idea for children. You can add anything that your children love. Stuff toys, kiddie pools, picnic tables, and every other thing can be combined into one large theme. Your children will be the boss and arrange this perfect spot according to their imagination. It is a great idea for the backyard of any size. Try to make it as cozier and comfortable as possible. Your child will love to spend all his/her day in this beautiful oasis.

Friendly backyard ideas according to your child’s age

That was a lengthy article with quite overwhelming knowledge. Wasn’t it? And some of you might have lost concentration along the track or even get confused.  But don’t worry I have got you all covered. I have created a smart table containing ideas that I consider to be the best, cheap, and most entertaining ones. I have proposed them with reference to the age of your child, so you can easily pick up the one that matches your child’s age and interest.

Age b/w 0-2 years

·         Adding a sandbox

·         Placing climbing tiers

·         Setting up a water table

Age b/w 3-5 years

·         Playhouse of fort building

·         Backyard camping

·         Chalk wall

Age b/w 6-12 years

·         Climbing wall

·         Build a treehouse

·         Kitty party set/ Car race track

You must always ask your children about his preference first, and if does not match with the above-given table or if you are still confused, feel free to ask about it in the comment section below.


Those were some of the great ideas to make your backyard more lively and kid-friendly. There are a few things with which I would like to conclude my article. Most important of them is your child’s safety. Remember the entertainment provided at the cost of risk is not acceptable. You should always keep a sharp eye on your child when they are jumping on a trampoline or climbing or even running across the obstacle track. But don’t get too cautious as they want freedom at this age. Let them explore their backyard and other surrounding in their own way.

The second important thing is freedom of choice. You should always ask for your child’s opinion before installing any equipment for him/her. Many male kids don’t like racing or other sports-related-stuff. Don’t impose stuff like those on him under the impression that they are important for his masculine development. Also, encourage them to make new friends and invite them to your backyard.

You should try to involve your children in working with you when you are creating something for them. This will increase their interest and they will be attached to that new game. It also teaches them to work hard and help others in achieving a common goal.

Many ideas sandbox, hopscotch, tree stumps, and tires sea saw very unattractive and orthodox to you.  But try to see it with your child’s eye. They have not seen them before, have not tried them before and it is new for them as compared to swiping those screens up and down. So they will love it and will play with them all day long.

These are all certified ideas that I have searched on Google and Wikipedia. I hope they will also be beneficial for you. Now you have read a lot about kid-friendly backyard ideas(on a budget), Next thing to do is to buy them or apply them and make your kids and yourself happy and vibrant.

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